5 Best Tips to Increase Penis Size with Penis Exercises

A man’s penis is the key determining factor when it comes to ascertaining his ego and sexual ability. The larger is his penis size, the better is his ego and vice versa. There is so much importance given to the penis size nowadays that anyone with a small penis size can safely be assumed to be having a sad existence. It is also a proven fact that women prefer men who have big penises, as they go a long way (literally!) in providing them satisfaction in bed. Hence, if you wish to take a woman to cloud nine, ensure that you have a penis size big enough to achieve that kind of result. Having a bigger penis size equips a man with a better ability to satisfy his partner in a more complete manner than ever before. Enhanced sexual stamina and more intense orgasms are only its positive side effects.

You may have already given many different methods of penis enhancement of shot, but without achieving any significant results. Follow the tips mentioned here and you are guaranteed to look down there with a great smile on your face after some time. Penis enlargement marketplace is full of different methods of male enhancement, including penis pumps, penis weights, penis pills, penis surgery, penis extenders and penis exercises.

In this particular article, I will acquaint you with 5 most important tips that will help you achieve a bigger penis size this year.

Tip 1 - Make use of your hands to perform some simple penis exercises for at least six minutes per day continuously for 6 to 8 weeks. This method works like wonder. All that is required is setting aside some time from your busy schedule and dedicating it to the purpose of penis enlargement. People who have done this regularly have seen as much as 4 inches gains at the end of the 8th week. I know this may sound unbelievable but it is true indeed! The results obtained by this method are permanent in nature. Hence, you will no longer have to worry about going back to your original penis size.

Tip 2 - Ensure that you get some consultation from professionals who can provide you with clear guidance in this regard. This will help in keeping your penis safe and sound while experiencing the penis size gains.

Tip 3 - Penis pills and penis surgery are a definite no-no if it is safety you are concerned about. I would also strictly advise against the use of penis weights and penis pumps. Those are just lazy methods of undergoing penis enlargement. No one has ever achieved penis gains without putting hard work into it.

Tip 4 - Get hold of the Penis Advantage exercise program which comes at a nominal cost of $ 49.95. The hand exercises explained in the Penis Advantage program are 100% safe and effective. You are guaranteed to achieve great results with this program.

Tip 5 - Make sure that you follow the instructions strictly as explained in the Penis Advantage guide and do not go overboard with any of the exercises or routines.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Bigger Penis Size

Going by the history of mankind it can be safely perceived that a man with a long and big penis size falls into a privileged category. The prized possession of a bigger penis size renders a sense of grandeur to men even in the contemporary society. One can go to the extent of stating that this one particular attribute has the power to overshadow even social status factors like money, materials and power which gave men advantage over their peers. However, by having a closer look one can see that there are advantages as well as disadvantages associated with a big penis size. Let us look into some of them.

Penis Girth and Length

Advantage – Many men are able to provide full sexual satisfaction to their partners if they have a long penis size. There are others who can provide equal satisfaction with perhaps not as long penis as others, but making it up in terms of girth. Then there are many who enjoy the best of both the worlds with a long penis as well as a more than average penis girth. It gives most amount of satisfaction to women.

Disadvantage – Many women prefer just the girth. It has been discovered that most pleasurable regions inside the vagina or rectum fall within 2.5 to 4 inches from the point of entrance. Hence, it may be the case that men who have a better girth in comparison to length who can provide more sexual satisfaction.

A Man’s Sex Appeal

Advantage – Looking at it plainly from the sexual perspective, any man would love to have a big penis size any given day. There are women out there who engage in sexual activity only with men who have a size bigger enough to satisfy them. A sheer glance at a man’s big possession can make an otherwise aggressive woman submit into his demands pretty easily.

Disadvantage – There are many women out there feel threatened by such big penis sizes. Many of them dread the idea of excruciating pain such big male organs can cause during the sexual act. Anyone who is medically inclined and has a basic idea about the average size of a vagina or the rectum would know that anything longer or bigger than the average penis size of around 6-7 inches in length is unnecessary and excessive to enjoy the sexual act.

The Penetration Effect

Advantage – Having the ability to penetrate deeper is a great advantage any day for both the man and the woman to enjoy a complete sexual experience.

Disadvantage – In certain cases wherein the woman is unable to accommodate the complete penis inside her body, the man may not be able to experience complete penetration due to the fear of causing pain to the woman, and hence may not enjoy at all.


Performance Effect

Advantage – There are certain places inside a woman’s vagina and rectum which can’t be touched if one doesn’t have an extra big penis size. Men often hear women say that they want to feel a man’s penis inside their stomach. Anyone who has more than average penis size is bound to provide that sort of satisfaction to a woman.

Disadvantage – Having an extra-long and big penis sometimes renders one unable to engage in certain fluent motions during sex. Many women prefer to enjoy the heat of a man’s body while having sex. This is something that may not be possible in case of a man with an extra-long penis size.

All in all, if looked at as a whole, a bigger penis size is any day better than a small or average penis size. Penis Advantage is an exercise program that has helped many men across the world to undergo natural penis enlargement with simple exercises from within the comfort of their homes. Go ahead and try it now!

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Penis Advantage – Is it really worth $49.95?

Penis Advantage is by far the most sought-after and popular penis exercise program presently available online. Its creators are the pioneers of this field and they have been helping men undergo penis enhancement since year 2001. I carried out thorough research on the Internet to figure out the best penis exercise program and obtained excellent results with Penis Advantage in the end. I had to write this Penis Advantage review to help anyone who is interested in safe and effective penis enhancement. I started seeing results in the fifth week itself!

Although it was slightly vague initially and sometimes it was weird to perform all those exercises, I was determined to give it a go. However, one important thing everyone must become aware of while looking up penis exercise reviews on Internet is that most of these reviews are penned by desperate marketers who are looking for nothing but to sell their product. Hence, most of these reviews are biased in nature and hardly provide any genuine details about the product per se. My intention is to keep this review as different as possible from others.

What all you receive when you purchase Penis Advantage program?

When you buy Penis Advantage program, you receive lifetime access to their website that consists of all the videos and information related to penis enhancement. You can learn more than 30 different types of penis exercises from their website. Each exercise is explained with detailed text, apart from a demonstration video that can be viewed from three different angles (right, left and front), in order to ensure that you completely learn the best way to do that particular exercise.

The website is updated constantly with fresh information and videos. There is an additional section known as Penis Advantage 2, which is offered to the existing members for no additional charge. This section features advanced penis exercises for those men who are seeking extraordinary penis size gains. Penis Advantage 1 program is a normal 8 week exercise program. The website does its best in ensuring that the users get a better understanding of the important aspects like good lubrication, warming up and adhering to safety precautions. Overall, the website gives the sense that it was put together sincerely with the intention to see its users undergo natural penis enhancement. Both the sections of websites can now be accessed at a nominal $ 49.95 price.

Summarizing the important points of Penis Advantage program

-          Comprehensive eight week workout program featuring four different stages: introduction level, beginner level, standard level and advanced level.

-          Excellent customer service with a response time of 24 – 36 hours

-          More than 25 exercise videos with accompanying text descriptions

-          Additional videos available for advanced and targeted gains

-          Adequate safety instructions are provided to make sure that the exercises are performed in a safe and proper manner.

-          Penis Advantage program also features a Kegel exercises section which focuses on sexual stamina enhancement, erection strengthening and better control over ejaculation.

-          If followed diligently and to the book, anyone is guaranteed gains of ‘minimum’ 1 inch in both girth and length at the end of eight week program. There is no upper limit though!

-          Men who wish for a natural and safe penis exercise program will find Penis Advantage to be the best in its category.

-          At a nominal price of $49.95 it is definitely worth a try. Considering you are sincere in your efforts, there is no way you will not see the results.

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and try out the Penis Advantage exercise program now!

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Men throughout the world face issues related to their penis size and show great interest in different techniques of undergoing penis enlargement. Among all the different methods of penis enlargement, penis exercises are perceived to be the safest and most effective. These exercises are carried out by manipulating the tissues of the penile shaft, thereby encouraging its growth. Such manipulation is normally done with one’s bare hands.

As strain is applied onto the penile tissues for changing their structure (in terms of girth and length), it is obvious that if such exercises are done improperly, they can result in permanent damage. Hence, it is important that such exercises are done as cautiously as possible.

In this article we will discuss how one can avoid decreasing the penile sensitivity – a negative side effect of these exercises. Penile sensitivity is what comes into picture when nerve receptors inside penis react to the external stimulus applied on to the penis. In simple words, it is these receptors, which upon penis stimulation provide signals to the brain that one must experience sexual pleasure.

Any damage caused to these nerve receptors can have serious implications on one’s sex life and have permanent, life-long impact. This may mean that your penile shaft will no longer respond to external stimulus. In turn, it will result in decrease in sexual pleasure, inability to create and maintain erections and eventually difficulty in peaking or having an orgasm. Any sane man would want to avoid such a situation. There is no good trying to enhance one’s penis size if it leads to penis becoming less functional and less receptive.

It is important that one uses some type of lubricant while performing penis exercises explained in Penis Advantage program. This will prevent permanent damage to the nerve receptors due to the decrease in skin to skin friction while using one’s hand to manipulate the penile shaft.

A much better alternative approach is utilization of a condom while practicing such exercises. A condom functions as an upper skin layer and prevents the extent of friction applied on to the nerve receptors inside the penis’ sensitive dermal layers.

Anytime one experiences abrasion on the penile shaft due to intense strain and/or friction, he must completely stop all types of penis stimulation and exercises until the time skin gets healed properly. Damage caused to the penile skin through such abrasions can eventually result in irreversible penile desensitization.

Please note that you must always give your penis ample time to rest and heal in between exercise sessions. Never rush these penis exercises. If you perform such penis exercises regularly, remember that the cells inside the penile shaft undergo the process of re-establishment and if exerted too soon, may never get ample time to multiply. The results in this case can range from zero to negative.

I would like to stress again that the main focus while performing penis exercises should be to take extreme precautions and not cause any permanent damage to the penis. Men normally get excited at the prospect of undergoing penis enlargement and can sometimes overlook this most important advice.

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